visTABLE® Pricing & Buying

Annual plans


Multiple production sites
899 per month*
  • 5 seats
save 27%**


419 per month*
  • 2 seats
Save 15%**


Small Business
249 per month*
  • 1 user

Basic monthly

One-time projects
499 per month
  • 1 user
All features included
Free viewer
Company library
Additional seat
Use on multiple devices
Priority Email Support
Onboarding Manager
Billing cycle/ Invoicing
Contract duration *

* auto renews

** Displayed pricing represents a 15% or more savings per seat per month compared to Basic plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basic plan starts at 249€ a month, billed monthly, annual contract.

The Basic monthly plan costs 499€ a month, contract period: one month.

The Team plan costs 419€ a month, billed monthly, annual contract.

The Professional plan costs 899€ a month, billed monthly, annual contract.

We offer discounts when you sign up for a Team or Professional plan that include 2 or more seats. With these plans, you’ll save 15% or more over the Basic plans and get access to additional collaboration features.

In the Team and Professional plans the decisive factor is the number of people who are to work with the software at the same time.

Thus you can make the software broadly available across your entire organization, including potential light or infrequent users. You essentially pay for the number of users who are using the software , instead of paying a fee for every potential user who might use the software.

Regardless of whether the user is simultaneously accessing the Program multiple times, the user counts only as a single seat.

In Basic plans the usage is restricted to one device per user.

In the Team and Professional plans one user/person can use the software on up to 3 devices. Administrators don’t have to waste time managing to a specific number of devices or user accounts.

An internet connection is required for initial download and installation of software. Users need to connect to the internet to authorize the initial use of the software (activation), and then connect at least once every 30 days to continue using the product. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you a few days prior. The user does not need to be permanently connected to the Internet.

You must specify a valid e-mail address and you must have access to this inbox. From time to time, you must confirm that you still have access to this inbox.

No. A seat must be actively freed by the user. To do this, the logout procedure must be carried out in the software. If this is not possible, the licence is automatically returned after a certain period of non-use.

Desktop applications and all associated user data are stored on your local machine. Nothing will be transfered to the cloud.

As a subscriber, you can access the latest update anytime, but you decide if and when you upgrade.

You will receive a notification when a new version is available for download when you start the application. Udates are free of charge during the contract term.

You have the luxury of being able to choose which license you prefer.

Puchasing a Basic Plan the license is assigned to you individually. This is suitable for short term projects.

Usually, the best license for your position would the Team Plan. That will give you the flexibility to assign the license to someone else working in your company. For example, you may choose to grow the business and take on additional staff. A Company Seat License could then be assigned to someone else in the business without any additional expense.

The company library is a feature contained in the Team/Professional plans. This library contains all objects that you will import (CAD-data). So you can share these custom library objects within your company.

The Basic plans have the same import features as Team/Professtional, but you can only use the imported objects on your machine. If you want to use them on an other device, you have to move them manually (Basic).

Subscription Terms

Stay competitive by getting broad access to our latest innovations the moment they are available.

  • Access to software: Download and work with the most recent release of visTABLE®touch software anywhere—at home, at work, or on the road.
  • Technical support: Get support when you need it, the way that works for you.
  • Pricing: Month-to-month subscriptions are priced for short-term software needs for special projects or temporary staff. Over the course of a year, a monthly subscription will cost more than a yearly subscription plan, but offers the flexibility to cancel at the end of any monthly term.
  • Renewal: Your subscription automatically renews each month and your payment method is charged the monthly fee for your subscription on each renewal date. If you wish to subscribe for only one month or end your subscription after several months, you must visit the self service portal and cancel the contract before your subscription contract renews for the next monthly term.
  • Payment: monthly
  • Pricing: A one-year subscription is priced to provide savings compared to maintaining a monthly subscription for one year.
  • Renewal: Your subscription remains active for a full year, automatically renews each year and your payment method is charged a fee each month for your subscription on each renewal date. If you wish to subscribe for only one year or end your subscription within the current term, you must visit the self service portal and cancel the contract before your subscription contract renews for the next annual term.
  • Payment: the billing cycle is one month, you’ll receive an invoice each month and you are being charged on a monthly basis

It is our philosophy to provide our users with the best possible experience. Every few months a new generation of GPU drivers, operating system and CAD tool updates are released to the market. As a result, software needs to be constantly updated to keep it working. Instead of supporting outdated versions of visTABLE®touch, we want to further improve visTABLE®touch, also to take into account the wishes and ideas of our users. That’s why subscription licenses are the best way to ensure constant compatibility and improvements to your software.

You can pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Invoices are emailed to the email address registered to your account directly after ordering. Among other things, this will indicate the respective valid contract period. Annual contracts and monthly contracts are billed on a monthly basis – all starting from the day of purchase. You’ll receive an invoice each month.

The start of the contract is independent of the time of installation. Your software subscription starts with the date of order.

To cancel your subscription, go to the self service portal.

Fees are not prorated, and we do not offer refunds for subscriptions canceled before the billing date.

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