Assembly planning software

The visTABLE® software solution supports users in assembly line planning, workstation design, and planning of material supply in the manufacturing industry. Using this software system, assembly planning is absolutely intuitive. So your work gets results much faster than in CAD software.

3D-Visualisierung Modellfabrik IAO in visTABLE

Optimize assembly lines by shortening walking distances

Walking distances in assembly lines generate non-value-adding costs in the manufacturing process that customers do not want to pay. In lean management, this is also evaluated as waste. A spaghetti diagram shows individual routes of workers in assembly lines very clearly. Using visTABLE® software application, you integrate this lean production tool into a digital assembly planning process.

Virtual construction kits for assembly stations

Create efficient workstation systems virtual in 3D with widely used 28 mm low-cost steel tube solutions or aluminum industry profiles. Because value-added focused manual assembly systems are highly versatile. Usually, they are pre-assembled in cardboard workshops. Using the visTABLE® model catalogs, you can quickly and easily integrate such a lean assembly planning process into the digital factory. Communicate your work results in 3D to internal users, equipment designers, management, or customers.

Assembly stations from visTABLE® catalogs for workstation configuration.
3D-Greifraum zur Prüfung der Arbeitsplatzergonomie in der Montage

Virtual gripping area for rough check of assembly ergonomics

Thanks to its 3D work zones, the virtual gripping area provides a clear ergonomic orientation. For dimensional workstation design in assembly, simply place it at the edge of the assembly table. In this way, you can check and recognize ergonomic risks at an early stage. Optimal design is a key factor for worker performance, especially in assembly lines. Errors in workplace design can be avoided with this tool and a little ergonomic know-how when planning assembly.

Create better arrangement solutions for materials in the assembly

Find starting points for optimizing material provision in production: The visTABLE® software solution signals high priority for material to be arranged in red. For this purpose, the access frequencies to the material storage locations in the digital layout of the production are analyzed. This is based on the processes stored in your planning. It enables you to efficiently plan material placement on assembly lines and in any other manufacturing or assembly system.

Optimization of the employment within the assembly line facilitate the work in production

Continuous Improvement in assembly processes

„The straightforward approach of visTABLE®, the resulting structured procedure, and evaluation of transport efforts at the press of a button convinced us.“

Andre Kürzel, Head of Production Planning at Endress+Hauser Maulburg

Frequently Asked Questions

For the installation of the visTABLE® planning software system, you need a few minutes. The training of new users may take you a few hours of studying self-learning content provided in video tutorials. Just use the learning by doing method! This way you can start your first own project already in the learning phase. In the end, an efficient implementation process is a question of management. This is because all our customers have found the system to be user-friendly.

The system requirements to the hardware do not increase any standard IT budget. For the software costs, please look at our pricing site.

This is not necessary at all. visTABLE® always contains all available functions. You do not have to order anything extra or have it activated.

The visTABLE® solution comes with a number of practical interfaces. For example, existing 2D assembly layouts from CAD software can be used directly as a background for the layout design. If you have already planned individual assembly lines in 3D authoring software, these can not only be imported in common data formats but can also be arranged in different layouts at the same time. The same applies to machines in the manufacturing area.

Wherever manufacturing layouts have to be planned in a company, visTABLE® is used. This is because visTABLE® supports systematic layout planning in production based on material flows to and between all types of value-added locations, whether in manufacturing, assembly, or in coarser scenarios in the hall, plant, and site planning.

Still unsure? Deepen your knowledge.