Factory layout design software

Design your factory layout with visTABLE® software – easy and quick. The software turns you into an expert in factory design2D/3D factory model and material flow analysis.

Intuitive user interface of the visTABLE® factory planning software
Floor plan CAD import from DWG, DXF and IFC

Importing 2D & 3D floor plan from CAD software

For importing your 2D floor plans visTABLE® offers a DWG/DXF interface and also imports vectorized PDF. Get started immediately with 3D factory layout planning and design by importing IFC data from your architect.  Importing equipment from CAD solutions is just as easy.

visTABLE® software helps to find an optimal solution for your manufacturing

The unique software visTABLE® provides objective KPIs. Finding the optimal plan of production, warehouse, machines, plants, offices etc. is characterized by many influences. The factory planning functionality guides systematically through the factory design process.

Factory layout design software visualizes the optimal arrangement for the factory layout
Plant layout design software enables fast planning of variants using block layouts

Designing the factory structure begins with block layouts

Use block layouts to structure the floor plan of your facility. Create a block layout for existing facilities (brownfield) as well as for new buildings (greenfield). For the comparison of plan variants, the floor plan software provides KPIs on space used. Extend the block layout to include a material flow analysis.

Integration of project stakeholders during the project

Often the changes are complex and need to be coordinated with other departments to avoid errors. visTABLE® software provides interfaces for data exchange. Easy-to-use visualization is becoming increasingly important.

Teamplanung am 3D Fabriklayout auf einem Touchdisplay mit der Software visTABLE®touch
Optimization of a factory layout according to space usage in the visTABLE® software

Optimization of space utilization in layout design

In addition to the material flow, use the area balance to determine important key figures for comparing various facility plans. With one click, the software determines value-adding, non-value-adding floor spaces and the potential free area for expanding the manufacturing. Visualize the proportions in a pie chart and a color coded list with percentages. Determine different room types and their share in the layout design at a glance. Use it to easily monitor target values you set yourself.

CUSTOMER STORY on Factory Layout Design Software

„visTABLE® is unbeatable in terms of operation! The software is easy and intuitive to use. Customers appreciate the comprehensible visualization of the developed factory concepts. The software follows our practical experience.“

Michael Feldmeth, Project Manager at Staufen AG

Frequently Asked Questions

The software creates full transparency of your production and logistics processes. Instead of putting countless value streams on paper, preparing them for management and then implementing the measures again in other tools, you create a digital image with the app right from the start. And this in the simplest way possible. You combine easy accessibility with all the advantages of digitization. Information silos in the company are finally a thing of the past.

This is not necessary at all. visTABLE® always contains all available functions. You don’t have to order anything extra or have it activated; one tool to integrate value stream map and layout according to lean thinking.

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