Software update visTABLE® 3.0 – Visio independent, faster & easier

visTABLE® 3.0 takes your digital factory to the next level. Working is accelerated and is more fun
than ever.

User Interface (UI)

  • fewer menus
  • rotating/moving/scaling directly on the object
  • editing group members without dissolving them
  • polygons can be extended directly by further points
  • no more modes for rotating/moving, single/multiple selection, dimensions, mesh construction
  • foreground/background is no longer necessary due to an improved recognition during selection
  • all buttons get a label
  • dynamic highlighting (mouse over)
  • scale printing and PDF saving completely revised
  • visualization of snap points during object snap (snapping)
  • visualization of objects on locked layers
  • drag & drop of dimensions and transport nets
  • context-sensitive help with examples & videos


  • free naming of layout objects (no random suffixes (e.g. assembly table.23))
  • color visualization of the area balance in the layout
  • detailed assignment of reference surfaces
  • new Explorer allows access to layout objects by area type or layer
  • dynamic filter/search within the Explorer
  • universal transport network that can be used by various means of transport
  • copying Transport Network
  • extension of the 3D model library


  • file size reduced
  • opening, saving & exporting visTABLE® files accelerated (x10)
  • calculation for logistics evaluation, area balance, arrangement optimization, network load accelerated
  • CAD import/export accelerated (x20)


  • Visio as system requirement not applicable
  • new file format VTLX
  • accidental loss of license while working is no longer possible
  • free viewer license: visTABLE®viewer
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