Softwareupdate visTABLE® 3.0.100 – spring update 2021

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Every release is a big moment, and we’ve spent months refining the new features so you can create great factory models. But we couldn’t have done it without all of the users who gave us valuable feedback during the beta phase. Thank you, your participation is essential!

The news at a glance



  • Lead time analysis for product families according to value stream mapping
  • New module for mapping storage processes in logix
  • Import of JT data in the object manager
  • Export of 3D scene as 3D PDF document

3D Model library

  • Modular factory hall elements of the company Goldbeck
  • Milling machines of company Georg Fischer (GF)
  • Optimized representation of human models

Improved User Experience

  • Display of gesture control when opening in logix
  • Key combination for UnDo and ReDo also available in loigx
  • Pan and zoom with middle mouse button for process graphs in logix
  • Context sensitive help in logix
  • Display of the names of the product families in the D-I diagram
  • Key combination for object snap (CTRL key when positioning)
  • Turntable rotation in the 3D view and in the Object Manager
  • Object snap for nodes when creating transport meshes
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