Softwareupdate visTABLE® 3.0.210 – spring update 2022

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The new visTABLE® update focuses mainly on the topic of a realistic visualisation in the 3D view. This is about the coloring of objects in 3D as well as new model catalogues.

The news at a glance

3D model color


  • Selected 3D models from the model library can now also be colored separately in 3D – the corresponding models are recognisable via a colour circle symbol

3D Model library

  • Additional catalogue especially for social space changing rooms
3D model catalog Social rooms changing room in visTABLE®touch

  • Separate catalogue for configuration of workbenches to set up a workshop
3D model catalog Workbench configurator in visTABLE®touch

  • Catalogue for production accessories for the design of input devices, equipment control
3D model catalog Production accessories in visTABLE®touch

  • New catalogue on photovoltaics for the green factory
3D model catalog Photovoltaics in visTABLE®touch

  • Also already existing catalogues have been extended by additional models, among others Facilities outdoors for planning in tropical regions
example for planning and visualization in tropical regions with visTABLE

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