Software update visTABLE® 3.0.322 – Virtual Reality

In addition to extended import options, we present the following new features that enable you to plan impressively.

The news at a glance

Previously, data export and third-party software were required to experience and communicate layouts in Virtual Reality. With this update, it is now possible to create this experience with significantly fewer hurdles.

Configurable shelving allows users to design storage structures efficiently and flexibly. It is no longer absolutely necessary to import finished shelving from CAD data or to assemble it using modules from the model library. Use a template and adapt it to the circumstances.


  • Seamless opening of VTLX layouts in Virtual Reality without third-party software
  • Greatly improved 3D performance for DWG/DXF imports
  • Improved performance for groups consisting of many objects
  • Improved PDF import with images
  • More robust STEP import
  • Import option for JT version 10
  • Lockable dimensions of background images
  • improved DPI detection for vistable.exe

3D Model library

  • Configurable shelving (wide-span, shelf-rack, heavy-duty) in storage catalog
  • Other grab containers in boxes and bins catalog
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