Softwareupdate visTABLE® 3.0.267 – More degrees of freedom

In addition to changes for robustness, increasing compatibility with data import formats, and increases in performance and speed, we are introducing the following new features that will allow you to plan more efficiently.

The news at a glance

Until now, objects could only be rotated around the z-axis. However, this one axis is not sufficient for the design of assembly workstations, racks, staging bins, or even the representation of inclined planes, truck loading ramps, pipelines, etc. With this update, it is now possible to rotate arrangement objects around the other two axes.


  • Tilting of Objects
  • Ambient Occlusion for a more phot realistic 3D view
  • extended interaktive Scaling of objects
  • Search and find for your models in the Objectmanager
  • ease of use for Autosave
  • Export of 3D Scenes considers layer visibility

3D Model library

  • cataloge STOPA Long goods storage
  • cataloge 3D basic solids to create your own complex models
  • changes to the catalog Blocklayout for specific usage
  • Also already existing catalogs, such as containers, office, factory equipment were extended by additional models
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