Softwareupdate visTABLE® 3.0.233 – New Year update 2023

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With best wishes for the new year, we would also like to introduce the new visTABLE® update with many improved features and new models in the model library.

The news at a glance

picture floor marking


  • Individual adjustment of the area types in the area balance
  • Locking the scalability of equipment
  • Improvement of the coloring function in 2D and 3D
  • Selective export of product families
  • Easier organization of models between catalogs in the object manager
  • Advanced search in the explorer and in the model library
  • A stand-alone visTABLE® Viewer version that can be used by everyone without a license 

3D Model library

  • Catalog floor markings
  • Several catalogs on cable trays in different dimensions
  • New catalog steel structure with supports and girders
  • The cranes catalog has been expanded to include a crane construction kit
  • Additional racking catalogs, such as cantilever racking, mobile racking and pallet racking
  • Also already existing catalogs, such as containers, office, factory equipment were extended by additional models
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