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For more than 50 years, HÖRMANN Rawema GmbH has been planning and constructing complex production systems in Germany and abroad as an engineering service provider. In many projects, the company acts as a general contractor to support customers in the implementation of their projects, from planning to realization and operation. The introduction of the visTABLE®touch planning tool has significantly increased the efficiency of layout planning.

Numerous application possibilities

The block layouts are already discussed with customers in the early planning phases. In the further course of planning, these layouts can then be examined very quickly and easily in detail and in a variety of variants not previously possible, and also be evaluated thanks to the implemented algorithms. As the software is equipped with interfaces to standard CAD systems, there is also no problem with the transition to detailed layout.

Transparency and minimization of effort

Frank Reuter, factory planner and one of the users of the software particularly emphasizes:

“Due to the libraries already integrated in the software, spatial conditions can be displayed very quickly, even in 3D. In addition, there are many general operating resources that can be easily placed in the layout using drag & drop. This allows a realistic planning solution to be displayed with minimal effort. It also simplifies communication with the customers and their understanding of the planning results. At the same time, another advantage can also be seen in its simple and intuitive operation, which allows everyone to actively participate in the layout planning.”

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