5 ideas to make your project presentation more successful

Zufriedener Planer nach der Präsentation seiner Ergebnisse

You are probably familiar with this situation: You have invested many hours in your project presentation slides. Your idea for a solution is mature. Now you are sitting in a deadlocked meeting and after endless discussion the decision is postponed. As is often the case, how well a proposed solution is received by your audience … Read more

Flexible production in times of the COVID-19 crisis

Metaphor for the decision for a sustainable design of the factory of manufacturing companies with flexible production in times of COVID-19

Facing the new challenge with factory planning methods The COVID-19 pandemic comes hard and unexpected for all enterprises, as it is hard for many of them to adapt their production. But such problems can be mastered with the methods of factory planning, also when looking into the future. After the crisis is before the crisis. … Read more