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Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG is a global market leader in the field of electrical connection, electronic interface, and industrial automation technology. In addition to various locations in Germany, the Phoenix Contact Group also includes international production facilities in the USA, China, Poland, Greece, India, and Brazil. A high vertical range of manufacture of the products requires future-proof production systems, the planning of which must be supported by digital tools.

Together with plavis GmbH, and with the use of visTABLE® software, the company took the step into virtual factory planning. Due to its unique operating philosophy and the low training and integration costs associated with it, the software could be integrated into the company’s daily planning business within a very short time.

3D construction kit for the digital factory

When creating the layout, the planner at Phoenix Contact uses the object library of visTABLE®, which contains elements that are needed again and again as well as pre-planned modules. During the introduction of visTABLE®, the library was expanded to include individual systems such as injection molding machines. In this way, layout variants can be created and evaluated in much less time, accelerating the planning process.

Daily planning business

User Mathias Strauß, responsible for plant planning, expresses his enthusiasm.

“The great strength of the software is the visualization; you quickly have an idea of future situations.”

But also, the option of easily creating material flows and the dynamic adjustment in case of changes makes layout planning easier.

“Becoming familiar with the planned scenarios, especially for colleagues who have not previously dealt with the layout in depth, is much easier.”

It also allows the communication and exchange of planning specifications with international sites.

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