How factory planning accelerates your projects

There is no need for you to be a trained expert in order to work with visTABLE®. In fact, the system quickly turns all users into experts. Through a smart combination of methodology and intuitive operation, attention is focused solely on the subject of the planning task: Your factory.


„visTABLE®touch is simply unbeatable in respect of operation. The software can be operated simply and intuitively. Customers appreciate the easy-to-understand visualization of the factory concepts elaborated with visTABLE®touch. visTABLE®touch follows our everyday practice.“

Michael Feldmeth, Project Manager at Staufen AG

Investment into your value creation

The quality of factory planning becomes apparent in everyday production and earns you extra revenue day after day.


Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you will manage your factory planning projects - and not vice versa.

Communication and dialog

An easy-to-understand factory layout is an effective basis for coordination in site development projects.

Thanks to our software, there is no need to enter an endless stream of product data and specify delicate processes to simulate a factory to be able to reach valid planning results. Rough data regarding the expected material throughput are sufficient to create a g ood block layout for the time being. By considering the material flows from the very beginning and by refining the results step by step, planning is constantly improved as more detailed knowledge about products, technologies and logistics becomes available over the course of the project.

Thanks to the comprehensive, expandable model library, you can quickly elaborate parallel standard solutions in 2D and 3D, e.g. for shelves, roller conveyor systems or machining groups. Any gaps e.g. for systems that have not yet been designed completely can be closed for the moment by way of placeholders. Especially practical: Such a dummy object can be replaced by a detailed model with a few mouse clicks once such a model is made available by your supplier.

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