Layout design for Manufacturing and Logistics

visTABLE® software designed specifically for Layout design by factory planners – enables you to produce a layout for your production processes in the shortest possible time by guiding you quickly and efficiently to the essential aspects.

Top-down process

Do not get distracted from details in early planning phases

CAD import

Importing existing layouts possible as 2D or 3D; alternatively, use aerial shots of the works, for example, as layout template

Conceptual design with block layouts

Generate first layouts from a list of space requirements

Deckblatt Kundenbericht HelloFresh


„Walls of cold stores are arranged in such a way that they not only meet architectural, static requirements, but also make sense in terms of production technology.“

Felix Riedel, Operational Excellence at HelloFresh

Our software is designed such that components of your suppliers can be integrated in 3D; variants can be exported at any time as DWG/DXF and made available for implementation planning to all persons involved in the project.

Striking features are the ease of use, a short familiarization phase and the readily understandable sequence of steps to be taken. It cannot be easier to digitally map your whole factory and develop your location further.

In this way, layout planning projects – whether new planning, re-planning, removal or revitalization (acc. to VDI 5200) – are always managed methodically and validated soundly, either by a team of experts or in a KAIZEN process involving employees with practical experience. It is irrelevant whether a complete factory structure or a single manufacturing department is the subject of planning. Thanks to the many practical and intuitive features of visTABLE®, layout planning is accelerated significantly.

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