Material Flow Analysis and Process Optimization

The material flow is the most important factor in a production company because products are created from materials. Only if the products are sold can the factory cover its costs. Therefore, it is imperative to move the material between the appropriate steps of value adding directly and as quickly as possible.

The visTABLE® software makes this necessity a creative task by way of the possibilities provided by the Digital Factory (cf. VDI 4499 “Digital Factory”), yielding vivid and transparent results.

Our material flow software guides the user to the optimum thanks to the visualization and evaluation functions oriented especially towards Material Flow Optimization.

Decisions in designing the material flow with their complex effects are often to be evaluated from different perspectives of the persons involved which significantly improves the quality and acceptance of the decisions.

Digital image of the material flow



„Top-down and back again - with visTABLE®touch, I can follow this planning approach intuitively. I especially like the area balance and material flow evaluation.“

Roman Kühnlein, Processes and Network Design Manager at Weidmüller

Comprehensive material flow optimization

The most important thing in Material Flow Analysis is to examine the two critical parameters ‘Material quantity (flow intensity) and ‘material route (distance) within the factory. Both parameters are to be kept to a minimum if possible. The one-piece flow is deemed the minimum for the material quantity, as less than one piece cannot flow and there are no bottlenecks with only one-piece flows between the stations.

The distance between the steps of value adding depends decisively on how much space the resources and the required transport routes between them require. When mapping the value stream, the distance should tend towards zero wherever possible, i.e. the material should be transferred directly from station to station. In most cases, however, such a simple principle can only be realized in individual manufacturing sections; as far as the whole factory is concerned, complex material flow optimization is required.

Material flow as a Sankey diagram in the layout

Transport costs and distances

Analysis of weak points

Transport paths burden analysis

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