How important are floor markings in industry settings?

Floor marking holding stripes personnel hall floor

Floor markings – can there possibly be anyone who has not encountered them at some time? They are to be found everywhere in our daily lives. Especially in these times of pandemic, floor markings await us in practically every supermarket and public building. They are intended to help us observe the recommended social distancing, and … Read more

3D visualization as a thinking tool within the company

3D-Visualisierung Fabrik in Präsentation durch Planerin

How to solve problems with visual images The power of images can be harnessed to explain complex situations more simply and to solve problems more quickly. We would like to show you how you can use the possibilities of 3D visualization in your company. And you may be glad to hear that artistic talent is … Read more

Job shop production vs. production line?

Example for job shop production in a plastic Injection Molding Shop

We see that companies with job shop production are also increasingly moving to line production. Is job shop production outdated or is this just the influence from the automotive sector and the lean production philosophy pronounced there? Can companies without line production still exist in the market at all? I would like to give answers … Read more

Teamwork in shopfloor layout planning

Teamwork in shopfloor layout planning may be a difficult task

How does teamwork in shopfloor layout planning work? In most companies, shopfloor layouts are created on the computer. This means that one member of the team operates the computer, and the others often only get to work when there are enough variants to choose from. Active interaction with the planning model is thus limited to … Read more

Who benefits from my factory model as a Digital Twin?

Illustration Digital Twin effective use in factory planning

The term ‘digital twin’ is more often and often to be found in the ocean of terms and anglicisms in the field of planning and operation of factories. But which meaning has this term and which effects has this topic on your own enterprise? And what does it have to do with the benefits of … Read more

How important is lead time in factory planning?

Customer view of lead time, exemplified by the online ordering of a product

One concept that always comes up in factory or production planning is lead time. Especially in the context of operating cost calculations and process optimization along the value chain, lead times play a decisive role. But what exactly do we mean by lead time, and how significant is it really in the planning process? Definitions … Read more

Excel template for the utility analysis of layout variants

Planer nutzt Excel-Vorlage für eine Nutzwertanalyse von Layoutvarianten in der Fabrikplanung am PC

In our last article we presented the basic procedure for a utility value analysis to evaluate layout variants. Here we will now look at the practical implementation of this method with the help of a Excel template. To apply and calculate the utility value analysis, you either create your own spreadsheet or download an existing … Read more

Cost-utility analysis to evaluate layout variants

Planner compares two 3D layout variants of an assembly line and decides on the U-shape

The process of layout planning often produces several variants. This is mainly due to the fact that several, sometimes opposite target criteria must be taken into account. Another aggravating fact is that the decision-makers assume different perspectives when evaluating the layout variants which, in turn, aggravate an objective evaluation. This is often the beginning of … Read more