Key User: The enabler to successful software implementation

Key User als Generalist für Fabrikplanung

How to find the optimal key user for your project The introduction of new software in companies is not a foregone conclusion. In addition to the technical side, employees must also always be brought along on the path to go-live. This is where the key user comes into play. We show you how he can … Read more

Automatic simplification of 3D models for layout planning

Obstruction 3D layout planning due to too complex CAD data

Close to the Digital Twin and yet past it – heavyweight 3D CAD data Are you also sometimes annoyed in the project, if you have to load again a too complex 3D model as STEP, DWG, or OBJ into your layout? You already know that 500 MByte will not make your factory layout leaner. But … Read more

What does an easy-to-use VR app for factory planning look like?

VR application with a 3D model from the software visTABLE®touch

(updated on 2021-06-28) You are convinced of VR or have at least already experienced the benefits of virtual reality in some form. But now you want to know specifically what the practical application looks like? In the last article on VR, the application in factory planning was already briefly touched upon. In this article, we … Read more

5 Methods for 3D modeling of equipment for layout planning

Illustration target with 5 possibilities leading to the target

When researching 3D modeling of planning models, you have already noticed that there are at least a handful of possibilities? This article will directly compare 5 different methods from a practical factory planning perspective. As you will see, all roads can lead to Rome, or rather to the goal. You will find a PDF for … Read more

Photogrammetry or photo modeling for the digital factory model?

Illustration Metaphor of Idealized Photogrammetry in Factory Planning

Have you ever read about or tried how 3D models can be automatically generated from photos? Photos have become a mass commodity through smartphones, created in all kinds of life situations. Couldn’t you then very easily capture equipment in a factory in 3D in this way? And what is the difference between photogrammetry and photo … Read more

Application of Laser Scanning for layout planning

mobile scanning or visualization of 3d factory model

In the last article on laser scanning, it was more focused on the state of the art and the result of a laser scan. The conclusion was that the actual recording of point clouds is already affordable even for smaller companies. However, the result of this process has only a small added value in the … Read more

Factory layout through digitization by laser scanning?

illustration of the difficult path to digital factory layout by means of laser scanning

In this article, I would like to take up the often-advertised issue ‘digitization by laser scanning’ for inventory survey of equipment and buildings and put it into the context of enterprise size and use cases in factory planning. This article is intended as the beginning of an article series about digitization in factory planning which … Read more

5 tips to be considered before and after purchasing planning software

Kollege zeigt neue Planungssoftware für Fabrikplanung auf Notebook im Kollegenkreis um Sponsoren zu gewinnen

This article is a continuation of our previous discussion on “How to convince your management to use factory planning software”. Last time, we concentrated on responses to possible questioning of your software selection by management. Are you still short of arguments to justify the expenditure? If so, we would like to offer you a few … Read more

How do you convince your management to use factory planning software?

Presentation to purchase factory planning software before management with success

Introduction Do you know this from your private life? When it comes to larger expenditures, let’s take a fully automatic coffee machine as an example, there is usually no impulse purchase. Firstly, by buying this new, expensive item, you are more or less depriving yourself and others of financial flexibility. Second, this purchase may also … Read more