Planning and visualizing sanitary facilities in a factory

worker removes helmet from locker in factory locker room

Future workplace amenities on the example of changing rooms Changing rooms, also known as locker rooms are an integral part of almost every factory. They belong to sanitary rooms in connection with toilets and washrooms and serve the following purposes: easy and quick change in and out of clothing or other apparel safe and tidy … Read more

Visual 3D and 2D representation of factory layout information

visualization of foundation anchors for realization of a factory layout

How to use the model catalog “Annotation” in visTABLE®? Quite often, factory planning needs more than just the pure 3D model of a machine and the building. Symbols and texts help to communicate complex relationships in layout planning more quickly to those involved. They thus actively support visual 3d communication in the factory layout. What … Read more

21 Factory Design Blog Articles – Worth Knowing 2021 (2/2)

Blog visTABLE Things to know about factory planning 2021 2-2

Summary blog article 2nd half 2021 Dear customers and readers, Christmas is just around the corner and at the same time the pandemic has us firmly in its grip again and is once again making for tense winter months. Looking ahead to the coming spring, which always represents a new beginning, we hope for social … Read more

How are social spaces incorporated into layout planning?

example of social space break room for employees in a manufacturing company

This article is about some practical tips for planning social spaces. What German guidelines are there and how can they be practically implemented in layout planning? What is the significance of social spaces in the company? The term “social” comes from Latin and means “common”, “connected”. It expresses a sense of belonging to a human … Read more

What does an easy-to-use VR app for factory planning look like?

VR application with a 3D model from the software visTABLE®touch

(updated on 2021-06-28) You are convinced of VR or have at least already experienced the benefits of virtual reality in some form. But now you want to know specifically what the practical application looks like? In the last article on VR, the application in factory planning was already briefly touched upon. In this article, we … Read more

5 Methods for 3D modeling of equipment for layout planning

Illustration target with 5 possibilities leading to the target

When looking for 3D modeling of a 3D floor plan for a current project, you have already noticed that there are at least a handful of possibilities? This article will directly compare 5 different methods from a practical factory planning perspective. As you will see, all roads can lead to the goal. You will find … Read more

Photogrammetry or photo modeling for the digital factory model?

Illustration Metaphor of Idealized Photogrammetry in Factory Planning

Have you ever read about or tried how 3D models can be automatically generated from photos? Photos have become a mass commodity through smartphones, created in all kinds of life situations. Couldn’t you then very easily capture equipment in a factory in 3D in this way? And what is the difference between photogrammetry and photo … Read more