Application of Laser Scanning for layout planning

mobile scanning or visualization of 3d factory model

In the last article on laser scanning, it was more focused on the state of the art and the result of a laser scan. The conclusion was that the actual recording of point clouds is already affordable even for smaller companies. However, the result of this process has only a small added value in the … Read more

How useful is digitization by laser scanning for the factory layout?

illustration of the difficult path to digital factory layout by means of laser scanning

In this article, I would like to take up the often-advertised issue ‘digitization by laser scanning’ for inventory survey of equipment and buildings and put it into the context of enterprise size and use cases in factory planning. This article is intended as the beginning of an article series about digitization in factory planning which … Read more

5 tips to be considered before and after purchasing planning software

Kollege zeigt neue Planungssoftware für Fabrikplanung auf Notebook im Kollegenkreis um Sponsoren zu gewinnen

This article is a continuation of our previous discussion on “How to convince your management to use factory planning software”. Last time, we concentrated on responses to possible questioning of your software selection by management. Are you still short of arguments to justify the expenditure? If so, we would like to offer you a few … Read more

How do you convince your management to use factory planning software?

Presentation to purchase factory planning software before management with success

Introduction Do you know this from your private life? When it comes to larger expenditures, let’s take a fully automatic coffee machine as an example, there is usually no impulse purchase. Firstly, by buying this new, expensive item, you are more or less depriving yourself and others of financial flexibility. Second, this purchase may also … Read more

What is the right app, CAD system or planning software and when?

Prinzipdarstellung Fehler in der Konzeptplanung bei Bestimmung Flächenbedarf Wohnzimmer für Sofa

Do you know the following dilemma from practice? You want to plan your factory and are already using a wide variety of software in the company. Among them is CAD software. However, only your colleague, as the “sacred guardian” of the factory layout, really knows how to use it. You have to coordinate with him … Read more

Do I need 3D for layout planning?

3D-Perspektive in visTABLE®

Each of us has had some form of contact with 3D models. Well-known applications for this are, for example, architectural planning of a house, an AR app as an advertisement for a toy, or the virtual product at a colleague in the CAD department. There is no doubt that it is planned and presented with … Read more

3 ideas on how to convince everyone of your planning concept instantly!

Vorstellung eines neuen Fabrikkonzeptes mit verständlicher 3D-Visualisierung

Do you know this? You have actually prepared everything well for the meeting. Nevertheless, the mood in the circle of colleagues drops just a few minutes after the start. The presentation turns into a nerve-racking discussion and their presented planning solution is literally taken apart. Therefore, this article is intended to highlight the causes and … Read more

3 reasons why Virtual Reality is now taking off!

Satisfied VR user after a planning session

VR is the future – there is no doubting that in our minds! In our blog, we would like to show you why we are now entering the age of virtual reality. The number of VR headsets is doubling constantly There are practically no limits for the users of current models The 3D factory has … Read more