How to include long goods storage in the layout planning?

picture of metal long goods materials

This article shows the use of 3D models of STOPA long goods storage or cassette storage in the visTABLE® software. STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of space-saving, ultra-modern and automated storage solutions with a system. Long goods storage, as the name suggests, accommodates long material, usually in the form of bars, … Read more

Google Maps 3D as a reference in visTABLE®?

Google Maps 3D reference example in visTABLE®

This article shows how you can use Google Maps as a visual 3D reference in a visTABLE® factory layout. Normally you can only save 2D images from Google Maps with the snipping tool or use the image export function in Google Earth. However, there is another way to create a 3D model. In principle, this would … Read more

Planning and visualizing sanitary facilities in a factory

worker removes helmet from locker in factory locker room

Future workplace amenities on the example of changing rooms Changing rooms, also known as locker rooms are an integral part of almost every factory. They belong to sanitary rooms in connection with toilets and washrooms and serve the following purposes: Accessibility and spaces separated by gender play an important role in the design. Sufficient space … Read more

Visual 3D and 2D representation of factory layout information

visualization of foundation anchors for realization of a factory layout

How to use the model catalog “Annotation” in visTABLE®? Quite often, factory planning needs more than just the pure 3D model of a machine and the building. Symbols and texts help to communicate complex relationships in layout planning more quickly to those involved. They thus actively support visual 3d communication in the factory layout. What … Read more

How are social spaces incorporated into layout planning?

example of social space break room for employees in a manufacturing company

This article is about some practical tips for planning social spaces. What German guidelines are there and how can they be practically implemented in layout planning? What is the significance of social spaces in the company? The term “social” comes from Latin and means “common”, “connected”. It expresses a sense of belonging to a human … Read more