Intralogistics – Solutions to optimize your supply chain

Cost and energy efficiency plus process reliability: these are the requirements for intralogistics. Industry 4.0, smart warehousing and an ever-increasing demand for individuality require a comprehensive concept. Effective logistics form the economic basis within your entire process chain. The two decisive success factors are the alignment of processes with your customers and the efficient fulfillment … Read more

Ways that Production Line Software can improve productivity

production line software

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a period of profound change characterized by dramatic, technology-driven productivity gains. In this article, we examine the practical ways in which companies today are using new technologies to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage for their production lines. At the very least, recent years have shown how important productivity and … Read more

The Digital Factory and its impact on your company

illustration of a digital factory

Let us briefly outline how your company can also benefit from digital transformation and whats this Digital Factory is all about. Currently many manufacturers still lag behind others with digitizing their companies. While the remaining aspects of product development are already handled digitally, the companies failed to perform a digital transformation in respect of the … Read more

Lead Time Reduction: Why it’s important and strategies

Increasing productivity in supply chain management is one of the main objectives in many businesses. While managing the current plan, there can be effective strategies for lead time reduction. Reducing time to market, reducing cost, and creating better customer experiences are just a few ways an effective supply chain can add value. What is Lead … Read more

BIM Software in Factory Planning

team of engineers holding BIM meeting In factory

Let’s take a closer look at what BIM actually is. Where are the advantages and why BIM will not be suited to substitute factory planning? When using BIM software, it is always decisive for success to create the appropriate understanding amongst those involved. And this not only for the building project itself. It is therefore … Read more

Material flow planning to optimize logistics, production, and storage

eine schematische Darstellung des Materialfluss

Material flows influence the productivity of your company. The procedures followed when planning on a greenfield site are not only applicable for new locations. Learn how your company, too, can use material flow analysis to optimize the organization of its internal material flows along the supply chain. Anyone who spends just a few minutes simply … Read more

Layout optimization with spreadsheet — Why (not)?

planner thinking about Excel macro to solve factory planning task

There is a good chance that spreadsheet tools are among the most widely used tools in your company. What could be more logical, therefore, than to use such tools to optimize the layout of the assembly center, the warehouse, a production hall or even the whole company site? After all, there is a template for … Read more

Relocating Your Manufacturing Plant: 6 decisive factors

top view factory site planning

Most companies, at some point, are faced with the task of expanding or relocation of their plant. Perhaps warehouses or logistics have outgrown their existing space and simply need more room. Perhaps a site analysis has revealed a need to be closer to key customers or a distribution center. The current location may no longer … Read more