visTABLE® supports capacity expansion at HelloFresh

HelloFresh location Nuneaton, England planned with the support of the software visTABLE

From planning to production in less than a year Demand for the ready-to-cook meal kits sold by HelloFresh is as strong as it has ever been. Even after the pandemic, the success story of the Berlin-based company continues. After placing an online order, customers receive a selection of fresh ingredients delivered directly to their door, … Read more

Hinterschwepfinger – Case Study Software visTABLE®

3D visualization location factory Hinterschwepfinger

The Hinterschwepfinger service portfolio is rather unique: the company develops production site concepts for SMEs and then takes care of general planning and turnkey construction of the relevant buildings or even entire locations – as a one-stop partner. Hinterschwepfinger is a pioneer in the field of digitalization and is thus able to promise absolutely faithful … Read more

21 Factory Design Blog Articles – Worth Knowing 2022

Blog visTABLE 2022

Summary blog article 2022 Dear customers and readers, The year is coming to an end and our world is currently undergoing a major transformation. We inevitably adapt and look to the future with optimism. Every factory also transforms more or less over time. Breathability and flexibility characterize competitive corporate structures. If you have missed some … Read more

Germany-wide roll-out of visTABLE® planning software at Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich storage area. Concept planning is the first step in the planning process.

Which one software for the different departments in concept planning? For visualizing and validating initial ideas through to rough and detailed concepts, including a comparison of variants, without having to accept frictional losses in interdisciplinary understanding, data handling, and timing? Based on these questions, Jungheinrich embarked on a complex selection process and tested a number … Read more

IPH Hannover – The right approach to factory design

illustration structured process planning in factory design

Only CAD and pushing boxes were yesterday The Institute for Integrated Production Hannover (IPH) advises customers in restructuring as well as in new factory planning and uses visTABLE®. We became aware of an interesting german podcast moderated by Jens Kruse with project engineer Andreas Nitsche on the topic of factory planning on Twitter. In this, … Read more

7 Tips for presentation with and without PowerPoint slides

successful presentation of a project in factory planning with planning software

We show you how to present correctly Stuffed PowerPoint, Prezi or Google slides, overwhelmed listeners and presentations where hardly anyone can tell what it was all about afterwards. Unfortunately, this is the daily routine in many meeting rooms. We provide you with presentation techniques that will help you present your work properly and inspire your … Read more