What is the advantage of 3D factory layout planning

3D visualization layout in presentation with attention listeners

Modern factory planning is no longer imaginable without three-dimensional layout planning. But why? Is it just a trend or does it make sense? In this blog, we want to shed light on two questions in this regard: What are the advantages of 3D planning? How does 3D planning help to make companies even more successful? … Read more

What is the relation between Easter eggs and pallet shelves?

Easter eggs in the pallet shelf - what a surprise

We’d like to lighten up Easter 2021 with a not-so-serious blog title during these special times. The digital factory makes it possible. There, virtual Easter nests were discovered in pallet shelfs after the holidays. Reason and opportunity for us to present a very simple construction kit for virtual pallet shelves. Of course we show the … Read more

Designing virtual factory halls in system construction

3D-Visualisierung in der Werkhallenplanung

You know this situation? The production area is running out of space; an extension has already been under discussion. Now the order situation is very good and the management asked you to elaborate a concept as quickly as possible. Preliminary considerations make already clear that the new factory hall is to be performed in system … Read more

Should you create a digital factory layout in 3D?

Production manager faces decision whether 2D or 3D factory layout

What is the benefit of having our whole factory layout in 3D? No-one will ask that question in such simple terms. But there are indeed many simple questions which float around in the mind; especially if you are responsible for the assessment of investments in digital factory planning. But is the question perhaps already obsolete? … Read more

Material flow analysis in two dimensions

Worker moves loaded hand pallet truck in storage area of a factory - question asked about frequency of this travel distance

When it comes to material flow analyses, many people immediately think of Sankey charts or factory layouts with material flow arrows. Such kinds of representations give a good overview as to where and in which intensity the material flows. However, often the question arises where it is most effectively to start optimizing the material flows. … Read more

Utility analysis for the selection of planning software

The cost-utility analysis provides methodical support for software selection.

In the fall semester 2019/20, several groups of master students of the Engineering and Management Department (09) of the Munich University of Applied Sciences were faced with the task to plan new assembly lines and factory sections, with weighing up different alternatives for action. Part of the task set by teacher Prof. Dr. Spitznagel was … Read more

How factory layouts depend on the value stream?

Product flow analysis with tablet PC

Factory design from value stream to layout. Sounds logical and is logical. Central idea is the so-called line back principle. It comprises designing the factory layout inside-out. Or put another way: The factory planning is to be developed starting from the center of value creation towards auxiliary facilities. What is the problem? If this concept … Read more

The importance of space utilisation and design in your factory.

Flächenplanung in 3D

Any manager would no doubt agree that optimized use of the available production and logistics areas is a key goal of factory planning. After all, floor space is a limited resource. Where optimization is on the agenda, value adding and waste are shifted into the focus of attention. But how can these factors be determined … Read more

What is a spaghetti diagram?

spaghetti diagrams can be two- and three-dimensional

Spaghetti diagrams have proven themselves under the aspect of “Lean Production”; the approach opens up optimization approaches very quickly, even in the digital world.