What means Cardboard Engineering?

illustration of cardboard engineering in factory hall

Cardboard Engineering is a lean management method for designing workplaces on a 1:1 scale using cardboard or wooden models. This is carried out as a workshop involving the people who (will) work at the workplaces. Therefore, the Cardboard Engineering solutions are well accepted. In addition, production and processes benefit from the ideas and experience of … Read more

Turning planning costs into benefits

Turning planning costs into benefits.

Larger investments are an extraordinary burden on the budget and should pay off over several years. Minimizing the investment sum is therefore one of the TOP 5 targets for most people. It is not uncommon for savings to be made where the benefits are not really apparent – in the planning costs. But are investments … Read more

What is a material flow matrix used for?

The material flow matrix is a simple model for the tranportation processes in production.

The material flow matrix (also: transport, flow, or intensity matrix) is one of the best known and not least simple formal models for the representation of logistical processes in manufacturing companies. The following is recorded in it: Sources and sinks for material flow: In logistics, this refers to the locations (resources) from which material is … Read more

Floorspace dimensioning in factory planning

illustration of floorspace dimensioning in a factory full of equipment

If a new production layout is to be planned, the question of space requirements always arises. In factory planning, the resulting task is called floorspace dimensioning. It is assigned to the planning step Dimensioning. In the course of a factory planning project, dimensioning is a prerequisite for layout planning. This is because only objects that … Read more

What means ideal plant layout?

ideal layout as red thread which leads through factory layout planning

In philosophy and technology, ideal stands for a model of perfection. The eponym is the idea (lat. idea), the thought of the perfect. At the same time, the ideal hoovers in the space of the unattainable, and it is therefore often classified by pragmatists as an ambitious goal, which gradually erodes in practice. The theory … Read more

Rough layout vs. fine layout

illustration of different perspectives on rough and fine layout in layout planning

Rough layout and fine layout are terms often heard in factory layout planning. Usually, they are also used intuitively. Almost everyone has an idea of what they mean. The rough stands for rather imprecise or conceptual, while the fine is rather associated with sophistication, accuracy, and high detailing. And this is where the intuitive basic … Read more

Contemporary IT for the War for Talents

Digital native on job hunt in times of skills shortage

The “War for Talents” has accompanied industry for many years. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, are now struggling to recruit talent. The Corona pandemic only eased the situation briefly. The problem remains. For more than half of all companies, a shortage of skilled workers is an urgent problem. Corona has revealed the weak points … Read more

What is a block layout useful for in factory planning?

illustration of the importance of block-layout in factory design using swiss-pocket knife

The block layout is the linchpin in layout planning for production sites. This is all the more true when it comes to improving the factory structure. This is because the rough representation of the functional areas of a factory in blocks provides essential information on the optimal arrangement of the operating resources already in the … Read more

What is the advantage of 3D factory layout planning

3D visualization layout in presentation with attention listeners

Modern factory planning is no longer imaginable without three-dimensional layout planning. But why? Is it just a trend or does it make sense? In this blog, we want to shed light on two questions in this regard: What are the advantages of 3D planning? How does 3D planning help to make companies even more successful? … Read more