How factory layouts depend on the value stream?

Illustration des Prinzips wie in der Praxis häufig Fabriken einfach mit Ausrüstung befüllt werden

Factory design from value stream to layout. Sounds logical and is logical. Central idea is the so-called line back principle. It comprises designing the factory layout inside-out. Or put another way: The factory planning is to be developed starting from the center of value creation towards auxiliary facilities. What is the problem? If this concept … Read more

The importance of space utilisation and design in your factory.

Flächenplanung in 3D

Any manager would no doubt agree that optimized use of the available production and logistics areas is a key goal of factory planning. After all, floor space is a limited resource. Where optimization is on the agenda, value adding and waste are shifted into the focus of attention. But how can these factors be determined … Read more

What is a spaghetti diagram?

spaghetti diagrams can be two- and three-dimensional

Spaghetti diagrams have proven themselves under the aspect of “Lean Production”; the approach opens up optimization approaches very quickly, even in the digital world.