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Dear customers and readers,

A turbulent year in many respects is drawing to a close. We close our blog for 2020 with this collective post and will be back with fresh articles for you from 11.01.2021.

Until then, stay healthy! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great start into the New Year!

We have listed all the blog posts published in the 4th quarter of 2020 here again, sorted by topic, for a quick overview.

Strategic Factory Planning

“Simulation for Production Planning – Questions and Answers” – What does simulation mean in practice for manufacturing companies?

Flexible production in times of the Corona crisis” – Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to position your company properly for the future?

3D Layout Planning

“3 ideas on how to convince everyone of your planning concept instantly!” – How can a simple planning meeting be transformed into a lively workshop?

“The importance of space utilisation and design in your factory.” – How can the complexity of space planning be managed practically?

“Do I need 3D for layout planning?” – What is the added value of 3D models in factory layout planning?

“3 reasons why Virtual Reality is now taking off!” – Is virtual reality already becoming the new industry standard?

Material Flow and Value Stream

“What is a spaghetti diagram?” – How do you use a spaghetti diagram and why can software be useful?

“How factory layouts depend on the value stream?” – How can the approach help to run a factory economically in the long term?

Utility Analysis

“Cost-utility analysis to evaluate layout variants” – How does a utility analysis work when deciding on a layout variant?

Excel template for the utility analysis of layout variants – A free Excel template with which you can apply the utility analysis yourself.

“Utility analysis for the selection of planning software” – How the utility value analysis of the Munich University of Applied Sciences helped in the selection of planning software.

Customer Reports

“Fresh on the table! – The factory model for this is created in visTABLE®” – How does a growth company like HelloFresh plan its factories in a highly dynamic environment?

“Continuous Production Planning in the Factory Model with visTABLE®” – How does VEGA Grieshaber manage to adapt production areas to the respective market requirements with short reaction times?

Basics of factory planning, material flow and layout planning

Here you will find bundled information on these three core topics. The pages are particularly suitable for a quick introduction to the respective area.

Factory Layout Planning – important facts

Material Flow – important facts

Layout Planning – important facts

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