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Christmas is just around the corner and at the same time the pandemic has us firmly in its grip again and is once again making for tense winter months. Looking ahead to the coming spring, which always represents a new beginning, we hope for social sanity and reflection with a focus on the essentials. If you have missed some of our articles or simply want to browse through them again, you will find all the articles from the last six months sorted by topic here:

We hope you enjoy reading, have a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2022!

Strategic factory planning

“Floorspace dimensioning in factory planning” – How does area dimensioning work and why is it crucial for sustainable production planning?

“Digitalization of production: the challenge of our time” – Why does digital transformation often fail in companies?

“Digitalization of production: How to” – How does the implementation of knowledge management succeed and why is it so crucial?

“Teamwork in shopfloor layout planning” – Why can lone wolf mentality in layout planning become very expensive and how do you pave the way for sustainable teamwork?

“Planung darf nichts kosten!?” – How does planning become more accepted and naturally included in the next budget round?

“Relocating Your Manufacturing Plant: 6 decisive factors” – How do you overcome the challenge of “site planning” and avoid doing everything twice?

“Key User: The enabler to successful software implementation” – How do you find a key user for the sustainable implementation of a planning system?

TOP 5 Lean Production Methoden DE – Why is value stream design ranked #1 and what distinguishes the other 4 methods?

Material flow, value stream and lead time

“What is a material flow matrix used for?” – Why is the material flow matrix a fundamental tool for the ACTUAL analysis of an existing production?

“Material flow planning to optimize logistics, production, and storage” – Why is material flow so crucial as a parameter in factory planning and how does it become practically plannable?

Terms used in factory planning

“What means ideal plant layout?” – Why is the ideal layout a crucial strategic building block in any planning?

“What is a production cell?” – What makes cell production better than other types of production?

3D layout planning

“7 Tips for presentation with and without PowerPoint slides” – If anything PowerPoint, how right?

“What means Cardboard Engineering?” – What to do when more than smaller work islands need to be designed?

“Job shop production vs. production line?” – How can you objectively decide which manufacturing type is right for you?

“3D visualization as a thinking tool within the company” – Why pictures can be more than 1000 words and are an effective thinking tool especially in factory planning.

“How important are floor markings in industry settings?” – How to practically incorporate “life savers” into your layout planning.

“Layout optimization with spreadsheet — Why (not)?” – When are you well on your way to Excel hell and how can you avoid it?

“How are social spaces incorporated into layout planning?” – What are the guidelines and how do concepts visualize easily in 3D?

Case studies visTABLE®

“IPH Hannover – The right approach to factory design” – As a user of visTABLE®, how does IPH see a good planning procedure?

“Germany-wide roll-out of visTABLE® planning software at Jungheinrich” – Why Jungheinrich chose visTABLE® in particular.

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Basic knowledge of factory planning, material flow and layout planning

Are you looking for an introduction to factory planning topics? Here you will find bundled knowledge on the three areas:

Factory Layout Planning – important facts

Material Flow – important facts

Layout Planning – important facts

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