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The year is coming to an end and our world is currently undergoing a major transformation. We inevitably adapt and look to the future with optimism. Every factory also transforms more or less over time. Breathability and flexibility characterize competitive corporate structures. If you have missed some of our articles or simply want to browse again, you will find all the articles of the year well sorted thematically here:

We hope you enjoy reading, have a Merry Christmas and a successful start to 2023!

Strategic factory planning

“Restructuring: Merge Value Stream and manufacturing layout!” – How do you make your solution fly and what does that have to do with value stream?

“Would my company also benefit from logistics planning?” – Are you a supplier or a producer? Then you are also responsible for a functioning supply chain.

“BIM Software in Factory Planning” – Is there a difference between BIM and software? What is behind the buzzword?

“The Digital Factory and its impact on your company” – What does it mean in practical terms for your factory?

“Strategic thinking” – Is it also worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies?

“Ways that Production Line Software can improve productivity” – What role does software play in this?

“Intralogistics – Solutions to optimize your supply chain” – What do the terms value, pull, perfection, flow and value stream mean in this context?

“Shop Floor Planning and Control – Efficiency in Manufacturing” – What is the difference between planning and control and how do you find the right mix?

“Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) and PDCA” – How do you get the innovation wheel rolling and create new standards in your company?

Material flow, value stream and lead time

“How do you overcome the bottleneck in production?” – What impact do these measures have on your total factory costs?

“Planning an assembly line – 5 key aspects” – How do you identify the weakest link in the chain and find a value adding solution?

“AGV vs. Tugger train” – What differentiates transportation modes and what is in best fit for your factory?

“Sankey diagram benefits for factory layout planning” – How do you use them to specifically reduce transport efforts in material flows in the factory?

“Lead Time Reduction: Why it’s important and strategies” – Are lead time and process time actually the same thing?

“Avoid material handling costs” – Do you even need the new forklift or which questions should you answer first?

3D factory layout planning

“How to integrate industrial racking into warehouse planning?” – What 4 questions should you ask yourself before installing industrial racking?

“Visual 3D and 2D representation of factory layout information” – With which model catalogs in visTABLE® do you communicate concepts better?

“Planning and visualizing sanitary facilities in a factory” – How do you comply with necessary regulations and quickly arrive at a coherent concept?

“The plant floor plan – just a drawing?” – How do you get movement data of your factory into the layout and how does that help you with decisions?

“Plant layout drawing – in 5 steps” – What is the right approach to get usable results?

“Planning of Overhead Shop Cranes” – How do you create concepts for jib cranes and overhead bridge cranes in your factory layout?

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Basic knowledge of factory planning, material flow and layout planning

Are you looking for an introduction to factory planning topics? Here you will find bundled knowledge on the three areas:

Factory Layout Planning – important facts

Material Flow – important facts

Layout Planning – important facts

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