25 Factory Design Blog Articles – Worth Knowing 2021 (1/2)

Blog visTABLE Knowledge about Factor Design 2021 1-2

Summary blog article 1st half 2021

Dear customers and readers,

this half of the year was marked by a kind of the new beginning of our social life and this time we are leaving for the summer with a slightly better feeling. In case you missed some of our articles or are simply looking for a thematically sorted overview of all content again, you will find it in the following sections.

We hope you enjoy reading them and furthermore a smooth operation!

Strategic Factory Planning

“6 principles to help your next planning project succeed” – Which basic principles lead to planning success?

“Contemporary IT for the War for Talents” – Is your company fit and attractive for talented digital natives?

“5 ideas to make your project presentation more successful” – How do you communicate your ideas so that everyone understands them correctly?

“How do you convince your management to use factory planning software?” – What are the benefits of the new software for your company and how can you visualize them?

“5 tips to be considered before and after purchasing planning software” – How do you achieve sustainable use and acceptance of your software of choice?

“What is the right app, CAD system or planning software and when?” – In which planning phase does which software fit best?

“Who benefits from my factory model as a Digital Twin?” – What can my factory model do in the company, besides layout planning?

Material Flow, Value Stream and Lead Time

“How important is lead time in factory planning?” – What are the general, different views on lead time?

“Material flow analysis in two dimensions” – How do you get to the heart of material flow in the truest sense of the word?

Terms used in factory planning

“Rough layout vs. fine layout” – What are the 4 perspectives on classification coarse to fine?

“What is a block layout useful for in factory planning?” – How versatile can a block layout be used?

3D Layout Design and VR

“Designing virtual factory halls in system construction” – How can you visualize building concepts in advance without a BIM expert?

“Using online 3D CAD models for layout planning?” – What can online providers do for you in 3D layout planning?

“What is the advantage of 3D factory layout planning” – Why is 3D layout planning today only a question of implementation?

“Should you create a digital factory layout in 3D?” – When is a 2D layout enough and where is 3D a must?

“What does an easy-to-use VR app for factory planning look like?” – What can VR accomplish with little effort today?

“What is the relation between Easter eggs and pallet shelves?” – How can you plan shelves more easily with visTABLE®touch?

3D CAD inventory

“5 Methods for 3D modeling of equipment for layout planning” – How do you get to the digital 3D layout?

“CAD models for factory planning – How does it work properly?” – What do you have to consider when using 3D CAD product data?

“Photogrammetry or photo modeling for the digital factory model?” – Can photogrammetry be used effectively for 3D inventory?

“Factory layout through digitization by laser scanning?” – How does terrestrial laser scanning work in factory planning?

“Application of Laser Scanning for layout planning” – How do you get effectively usable 3D models from point clouds?

“Automatic simplification of 3D models for layout planning” – How can you reduce complex 3D CAD data by 99% in minutes?

Customer Reports

“FHNW – Process Mining for material flow analysis in teaching” – How does the university use visTABLE®touch in conjunction with process mining?

“Concept AG – User report on the use of the visTABLE® software” – What is the importance of visTABLE® at Concept AG?

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Basics of factory planning, material flow and layout planning

Here you will find bundled information on these three core topics. The pages are particularly suitable for a quick introduction to the respective area.

Factory Layout Planning – important facts

Material Flow – important facts

Layout Planning – important facts

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